Neal Cassady is an explosive combination. Psychodelics guitars melts with euphoric punk energy. Addictive drug that is strong on the album and even stronger live. We had played tens of concerts all around Poland and some abroad. (see full list of performed concerts)

This band is beautifully weird. It’s like someone made an alternative western, added some peculiar, fleeting, poisonous music, and casted the screaming, ‘Murder Ballads’ Nick Cave as the star. It is sick… and good!

Piotr Stelmach – OFFENSYWA, Polish Radio 3

At this stage it is clear that Neal Cassady are just like Hunter E. Thompson’s suitcase, which contains an entire chemistry lab, and the only thing one could be sure after having taken one of those concoctions, was utter surprise.

a snippet from Soundrive review

Band members:

Rafał Klimczak: voc, guitars
Marcin Gągola: bass, Disney and more
Tomek Głuc: drums
Michał Dymny: guitars, piano, organs

If you want to book our concert, buy a CD or T-shirt or just say hello – please contact us at:

[email protected]


+48 609 048 121 – Rafał Klimczak
+48 608 789 421 – Piotrek Żyła

Full rider can be found below:

Neal Cassady Rider

In case of smaller clubs, we can set techincal requirements individually but as a minimum one should consider at least two monitors.

If you have any doubts, please contact our sound enginner – Piotrek Zyla: +48 608 789 421, [email protected]

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